Founded in 1991, Jay Baker Architects has produced a body of work recognized for design excellence at local, regional and national levels. For contributions as practitioner, teacher and volunteer in service of the built environment, Jay Baker was honored as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2002.

Jay Baker Architects believes that in order to make architecture of enduring value, we must embrace the context in which it is to be made. Consistently present within our work is the conviction that architecture should convey a sense of place – a sense that connotes both the spirited and the fitting, that which is original yet readily familiar.



New Construction

We work with clients to create their dream homes. We will walk the client through the architectural process from raw site to complete home.


Additions present unique challenges for homeowners and architects. Updating homes for modern life can compromise the original character of a house. We work closely with clients and local historic preservation organizations to make sure the original character of a home is preserved while adding necessary function for our clients.


Whether a client wishes to seamlessly integrate a space into the original design or make a bold design statement, we enjoy the challenges associated with renovating existing buildings.  

Master Planning

Certain sites can demand a broader integration of elements. With our master planning services we will develop a strategy for integrating existing structures, new construction, landscape, and future elements into a cohesive whole. Master planning is a good solution for a property that will have construction occurring in phases over several years.